Comicstan Awards

Comicstan India Awards

Comicstan India Awards recognizes all those who have a passion for Comics and truly deserve recognition in the world of comics.

So if you/your company has a comic book (digital/printed) that you think is worthy of an award, you need to send it in. Comicstan India Awards will help the nominees and Winners reach out to the masses and become popular.

The entries will be judged by Independent Judges at Comicstan. These awards will be symbol of exceptional talent across India. Not only this, but the Comicstan India Awards will also give nominees and winners a chance to shine by providing them a platform to network, share and sell their comics.

The Awards will rightfully identify and honour the ComicCrazy creators and passionate professionals in the comics industry who are creative and dedicated towards their creations.

Comicstan India Awards’ aim is to recognise excellence, attitude and contribution towards the field of comics creation in India. In the coming years, ‘Comistan India Awards’ aims to become the biggest and most popular award for comics in India and soon enough, around the world.

Important Information:

  • All the winners will be awarded with specially designed trophy with their name carved on the same.
    Additionally, all the winner and nominees will be provided with a special digital batch stating their entry for them to showcase it on their social media platforms and websites.
  • Nominations will open in October 2018. The Nominees are expected to provide true and factual details in the nomination form. There will be a minimal mandatory nomination fee to ensure fake entries remain out of the charts and only those who deserve recognition, get nominated.
  • All data, submitted through an online form will become a part of Comicstan India Awards’ nominations. Comistan India reserves right to publish any submitted entry, including submitted images, captions etc. for promotional purposes.
  • Comicstan Jury decision in all the matters relating to the awards will be considered final.
  • Event: Comistan and the Comicstan India Awards are digital properties. Although the nature of the event is completely digital, Comistan may choose to host an offline event in Delhi NCR at its own discretion.
  • Comicstan India Awards Eligibility: The nominations will be strictly open to Comics industry professionals residing in India. Proper documentation would be required to verify the entries during the nomination process. Comicstan India Awards are not open for people or their families who are working in Comicstan.
  • Misleading, false/ fake entries will also be disqualified. Comicstan India Awards Jury will have the right to disqualify any entry/nomination at its sole discretion if they fail to conform to the rules and regulations set by the jury.

So, stay tuned for ‘The Comicstan India Awards 2018
commencing soon!