The first ever Face Off is happening in the Comicstan Arena.

Are you ready for it?

Batman: DC Comics
Doga: Raj Comics

Batman is out for a drive in his batmoblie on an isolated road while going back home. At a sharp turn, he sees a man who seems like a humanoid dog, standing in the middle of the road. Batman pushes hard on those brakes and the batmoblie drifts to the side with a loud noise, tires smoking and all.

The man with the face of a dog is none other than Doga himself. Doga pulls out a heavy machine gun and starts firing continuously on the Batmobile as he walks slowly towards it. Once Doga reaches the Batmobile, he realizes that it is empty. Doga hears a husky voice from behind “Looking for me”. 

Comicstan Arena Fight #1: Doga vs. Batman
Image Credits: Raj Comics & DC Comics

Doga turns around and now both of them were facing each other.

Comicstan Arena Fight #1: Doga vs. Batman

Doga takes aim starts firing on Batman | Batman dodges the bullets and disappears | Doga can’t find Batman as it was dark | Batman comes from the top on Doga WOOOOOSH!!! and injures Doga by striking a bat-rang in Doga’s shoulder | Doga grabs the Cape and pulls Batman towards him – POW! Doga hits Batman hard on the face with his punch | Batman, with a bleeding nose, hits Doga back and rolls down towards a tree | Doga, in rage and aggression starts running towards Batman and as soon as Doga reaches near enough to hit him, Batman flies up using his Grappling Gun on top of the tree | Doga ends up hitting the tree trunk DAAAAB!! | Batman quickly takes out his dart gun and shoots Doga twice with tranquilizers and comes down to tie Doga up | Doga seems semi-conscious and Batman grabs Doga to tie him up with bat-cuffs | Surprisingly Doga grabs Batman from his neck and doesn’t let him go | Batman struggles to reach out to bats by pressing the button on his belt | Suddenly a colony of Bats starts attacking the semi-conscious Doga | Doga falls on the ground struggling to escape, shouts loudly BOW BOW | Couple of Dogs come running from around the place and attack the bats | The attack on Dogs, scares the bats away | Now Doga stands with 7-8 dogs in front of him facing batman | All the dogs attack Batman at once | Doga was now in a severely bad condition and is about to fall again | Doga takes out his knife and slices Batman’s throat | Batman falls to the ground and dies | Doga also faints at the same time.