Comicstan – Republic of Comics

Know Us Better

In a world filled with entertaining spectacles of all kinds, be it the movies, reality TV or games, comics somehow have found it hard to keep up as they have traditionally been a restricted medium in terms of expression.

At Comicstan, we are re-thinking the whole experience of comics.
Comics are not about superheroes only. Comics are not only for kids. Great comics are a visually stimulating treat to the senses.

We feel that comics essentially are a precursor to a movie. With the storyline in place, comics are sort of a more elaborate storyboard. A storyboard, for those who don’t know, is necessary in the creation of a movie. It depicts the scenes on paper before shooting through the camera.

Comics are elaborate storyboards with emotions and spectacular artwork. They are almost like entire movies in themselves that are comparatively much cheaper in their production value and also cheaper to purchase.

At Comicstan, we would talk and discuss about comics from India and around the world, stories that compel the readers to turn pages, characters that bridge the gap between imagination and reality, comic artworks that are exceptionally emotive, and we’ll be doing so much more.

One of Comicstan’s endeavours would also be to award those comics that shine out, whether it’s their story, characters or artworks. Through Comicstan we also want to bring to you fans, comics and graphic novels from around the world to keep your ComiCraziness alive. Watch out for COMICSTAN AWARDS

We are working to re-kindle the spark and fire up the entire world of comics. How we do it, just wait and watch.